College Life

Welcome to my project page, where I showcase my passion for innovation and problem-solving. During my ongoing college life, I have been fortunate to work on a diverse range of projects, exploring different fields and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. From cutting-edge software applications to hardware prototypes, my projects represent my curiosity, creativity, and desire to make a positive impact on the world.
Here, you’ll find a collection of my most exciting and impactful projects, each one representing countless hours of hard work, experimentation, and collaboration with some of the brightest minds in my field.
Whether you’re a fellow student, a prospective employer, or simply someone who shares my passion for technology and innovation, I invite you to explore my projects.
So sit back, buckle up, and join me on this exciting journey of discovery and growth.

Travel Guide App

Check out our Travel Guide app demo! Developed by a team of four, our goal was to create the ultimate travel companion. From booking tickets to exploring sightseeing spots, this app has it all. With a user-friendly interface, advanced search, and seamless booking, it's garnered praise from users and experts alike. We've even filed a patent for our innovative approach. If you love travel, this is the tool for you! Join us on a journey through the exciting world of travel and technology.

Application of Photocatalysis

Check out our award-winning review paper on the Applications of Photocatalysis! Presented at International Conference on Chemical and Environmental Sciences (ICCAES) 2022, our team started researching on November 3, 2022, highlighting the vast potential of photocatalysis across industries. Access our PowerPoint Presentation and detailed paper to explore our findings.
Link to the Powerpoint Presentation
Link to the Review Paper

Aerial Forest Ranger

Our team, along with three others, has patented an innovative system for automated forest monitoring using drones and computer algorithms. This system, which won first place at both the Smart Maker Festival and Enginious in 2023, 2nd place at Young Engineer's Award 2023, utilizes drones to capture forest images, which are then processed by algorithms on a server. The algorithms detect animals, count their numbers, classify them, and identify forest-related activities like fires, poaching, and deforestation. Real-time alerts enable swift action by authorities, making forest monitoring more efficient and cost-effective. This automation reduces the need for manual intervention, ensuring reliable and consistent monitoring to protect biodiversity and prevent environmental damage.

Advanced Line Following Bot

Check out our team's project – an advanced line-following bot equipped with five infrared (IR) sensors for precise tracking on a black surface. The sensors form a + shape, allowing the bot to detect track direction and deviations. It can make U-turns at track ends and navigate complex paths with multiple intersections autonomously. Our project highlights the potential of advanced sensor technology and autonomous decision-making to revolutionize industries like logistics and manufacturing. Watch our video for a closer look at our bot in action!

Tool for Monitoring Ground Personnel

Our project for the Kavach Hackathon is a portable hardware device that monitors ground personnel using LoRa technology and Mesh Network topology. It transmits attendance data and location info to a central hub, accessible to supervisory authorities via an application server for real-time monitoring. Cybersecurity protocols safeguard sensitive data. This tool promises to enhance the efficiency and safety of ground personnel across various fields.

All Terrain Vehicle

Check out our award-winning project in hardware track from the StatusCode0 Hackathon: an all-terrain semi-autonomous ROVER with flight and swim capabilities, live video feed, and IoT integration. Created in just 36 hours, this versatile ROVER showcases our team's innovation and technical prowess. Watch the video demonstration to see the ROVER in action, demonstrating its impressive capabilities and potential applications across various domains.

Aquatic Battlebot

Check out our demonstration video for our battle bot designed for aquatic combat! Created for the AquaWars event at Techniche, IIT Guwahati, this bot features a unique design with PETG 3D printing and layers of denim for added durability. Equipped with a metal cutting wheel on its nose, it's ready to take on opponents in underwater battles. Watch the video to see our design process and concept development for this exciting project.

Prosthetic Arm

Explore our winning project from the Inventor's Challenge 2023: a low-cost 3D printed Prosthetic Arm featuring innovative bio-sensor technology. This arm utilizes an EMG sensor for operation, providing intuitive control for users. Additionally, it incorporates a flex sensor for enhanced functionality, enabling natural movement. Watch our video demonstration to see how this cutting-edge prosthetic arm offers practical solutions for amputees, showcasing our commitment to innovation and accessibility in healthcare technology.

Fixed Wing Drone

Check out our fixed-wing drone, built during the SAE DDC workshop in December 2023. With a wingspan of 1.2 meters, this drone represents our dedication to hands-on learning and engineering innovation. Watch our video demonstration to see this impressive creation in action, showcasing our skills and passion for aerospace technology.

Efficycle (Sparrow)

Follow the remarkable journey of Team Cygnus as they innovate and enhance a hybrid vehicle with a groundbreaking driverless mode. Their dedication and ingenuity propelled them to achieve AIR 2 in the prestigious SAE Effi-Cycle 2024 competition hosted by Lovely Professional University, Punjab. Watch our video to witness the evolution of this remarkable vehicle and the team's pioneering contributions to automotive engineering.

Sumo Bot

Witness the groundbreaking achievement of Team Blitzkrieg as they unveil the first Sumo Bot at Hell in a Cell, Innovación 2k24, IEM Kolkata. I, Nirban Roy alongside team members Debmalya Das and Shreyan Kundu, this innovative creation showcases our dedication to robotics and engineering excellence. Watch our video demonstration to see the Sumo Bot in action as it engages in thrilling battles, highlighting our team's ingenuity and commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Farm Monitoring System

Step into the future of farming technology with our state-of-the-art farm monitoring system! Our innovative solution combines drones and dew nodes to track essential parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, and soil minerals, providing farmers with precise crop recommendations. Through live drone footage analyzed by machine learning algorithms, farmers receive instant alerts for pests, weeds, and diseases, along with personalized solutions for effective crop management. Watch our video demonstration to see how our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes agriculture.