Mandarmani- December 2018 Vacation

First we started from our home at 9:20 am and then we crossed numerous places, covering a distance of nearly 200 km and then we finally reached our hotel “Sun n Sand Beach Resort”. Then we checked in to our room 301. On freshing up we went to have our lunch and then we went to the […]

Jabalpur – May 2017 Vacation

First we started from our home and took a cab to reach the Howrah Station. After reaching the station we paid the cab driver. We waited for the train to arrive. The train arrived after sometime. The name of the train was Bombay Mail Superfast Express and the coach was of AC three tier (B3). […]

Bhubaneshwar – April 2017 Vacation

Next day, we reached the bus stop by an auto and reached Bhubaneshwar. Then we went to our hotel named “Hotel Vintage Villa” and had our breakfast. Then we went to the Nandankanan zoo where we saw different types of animals and the most rare was a white tiger and the various types of birds. We also saw […]

Puri – April 2017 Vacation

First we started from our home and took a cab and reached the Howrah Station (New Terminal) and waited for our train named “Howrah Puri Superfast Express”. When our train came, we boarded it. But it was dark inside as the electricity did not come. After a long time when the electricity came we had our […]

Kannyakumari – Spring 2016 Vacation

We boarded the train named Kannyakumari Express and crossed the stations such as Changanasseri, Tiruvalla. Then we played cards. We crossed many tunnels. This was the largest distance we covered in the trip. It took 6 hours to reach our destination. Then we went to our berths for resting. We crossed stations such as Kulitura, […]

Kottayam – Spring 2016 Vacation

We crossed stations such as Nayannna Halli,Shriranganapattana, Pandavapura, Byadarahalli, Mandya, Hanakere, Maddur, Nidaghatta-H, Lettihalli,Channapatnana, Ramanagaran, Bidadi, Hejjala, Kengeri, Jhanabharati, Nayanda Halli, Bangaluru, Maleshwaram, Yashwanthpuram. Then we came out of the train and went to platform number 4 to board the Garibrath Express train. So we boarded the train and my father and my uncle went […]

Mysore – Spring 2016 Vacation

When the train halted we went to our coach S6. Then we sat and had our breakfast. Then I started writing. We Crossed stations such as Nayanda Halli, Jhanabharati, Kengeri, Hejjala, Bidadi, Ramanagaran and Channapatna. we saw manyb forests of coconut trees and a rocky mountain. We crossed more stations such as Settihalli,     […]

Bangalore – Spring 2016 Vacation

First we took two cabs and went to the airport. While entering the airport we were checked by our ID cards and then we wereallowed to enter. We went in for security checking and received our boarding pass. Meanwhile, we had checked in our luggage. Then I took photos of the departing aeroplanes. Then I […]

Kalimpong – Winter 2015 Vacation

We boarded the bus after setting the luggage.Then the bus started passing different sceneries. We read all the milestones to read the kilometre distance to various places. When we entered Kalimpong as it was our next destination. We were again overjoyed to find Don Bosco School, Kalimpong. At that time I took photos. Then at […]

Lava – Winter 2015 Vacation

We kept the luggage in the car and boarded it therefore starting for Lava. We passed through beautiful sceneries. Finally we reached “Yankee Resort “ in Lava. Then we were given a cottage named “Pine Cottage” and the view from the cottage was very good. We went out and got into a hotel named “Disney Hotel “ and […]