Rishyap – Winter 2015 Vacation

First we started from our home at 5:30 pm and we took a cab, went through Park Circus and went to Sealdah Station. Then we paid to the cab driver and took our luggage and went inside the Sealdah Station. Then we checked the display and saw that our train that is Uttarbanga Express was to leave by 7:35 pm from Platform number 9B.Then we waited for 1 minute in the platform and our train arrived.We boarded the train, kept our luggage on our seat and drank coffee and ate cakes and chips.Then the train started after 30 minutes and slowly it moved and gathered speed. Then the train passed stations such as Biddhannagar Road, Dum Dum Jn, Dakshineshwar. In Dakshineshwar we passed the River Ganges by going over the bridge.In Dakshineshwar Station we saw a replica of the Dakshineshwar temple.

Then the train crossed Dankuni Jn, Gobra, Begampur, Baruipara, Mirzapur, Bankipur, Balarambati, Kamarkundu, Madhusudanpur, Chandanpur, Porabazar, Belmuri, Daniakhali Halt, Sibaichandi, Hajigarh, Gurap.Then we had our dinner. Then the train stopped at Bardhaman.At that time we washed our plates.And then we packed our bags.In the dinner we had cabbage, fried rice,brinjal, roti and boiled egg.The train was moving very fast and so I was not able to write properly as it was shaking.Then the train stopped at Ghuskara which I thought was Bolpur. When Bolpur Station came we went to the next coop as our second ticket directed. We had to move because some passengers who boarded the train from Bolpur sat in their scheduled seats which were the seats where we were sitting at first. Then we chained our luggage and went up to our berths and slept.

Slowly as night fell, the temperature began to fall and cold air began to come in and all of us fell cold and we began to wear more layers of clothes. Then at morning at 7:20 am the train reached New Jalpaiguri Station (NJP) and left the train after taking our luggage and searched for a cab. So we took a Scorpio and went to Rishyap. On the way to Rishyap we went through Siliguri. Then we went on a mountain and then to another mountain through a bridge that continued on our way through a smooth road crossing different valleys. We took photos. We went through altitudes as the temperature began to fall. Then suddenly as the road bumpy, my brother began vomiting and so the car stopped and my brother went and in front and my father came back.

Then we saw borders and saw a church named “Don Bosco Church ” and I was overjoyed to find a church of our school. We saw a mountain of pine trees. Then we saw the depth of the valley and was surprised to see its depth. Then we went through the mountain where the pine forest was, but the road was very rough and steep. So we held on tightly and our car jumped through the way and finally reached our hotel in Rishyap at 8:20 am and our breakfast as noodles. We went for a walk and visited Syndicate which offers cars for sightseeing and booked a car for Lava tomorrow at 1:00 p.m and went down through the path beside the hotel and came to a hotel named “Megher Bari Eco Resort” and me and my brother drank coffee and my father and mother drank black tea. Then we returned to our hotel named “Resort Sonar Tori” and ordered our lunch. We went to the restaurant at the time specified and ate our lunch. Then we went to sleep.

When we got up, we listened to songs in the TV and ordered our dinner. At night ,we went to the restaurant and ate our dinner. Then we went to our room named “Kheya“, watched TV and went to sleep.Next day we got up at 5:00 a.m and saw the full range of Kanchenjunga at a distance in front of our hotel. Suddenly we noticed that the bench where the guests were supposed to sit was full of snow.Then we took photos of it. This proves that last night there was snowfall. Then some other guests came out of their rooms as they were supposed to leave for Lava, so we chatted with them and they left.

Then we went to Syndicate to confirm our car. There we met two girls who were sitting inside an old broken car and we’re moving the steering. We asked them their name and they replied that their names were Sahil and Shristika. There a man said that our car was confirmed and would come at 1:00 p.m. So we went down to a place beside our hotel and ordered our lunch. We were coming and as much father gave biscuits to some dogs, they became friendly and followed us. We went back to our hotel for checking out. We saw many kinds of flowers like Angeli, Marigold and Roses.We were given another room in hotel to wait until our car arrives. The name of the second room was “Sejuti”. Then we went were surprised to find our car come at 12:15 pm instead of 1:00 p.m. At that time we had to convince the man who took our lunch order and took 4 eggs which were ready and paid the money.