Lava – Winter 2015 Vacation

We kept the luggage in the car and boarded it therefore starting for Lava. We passed through beautiful sceneries. Finally we reached “Yankee Resort “ in Lava. Then we were given a cottage named “Pine Cottage” and the view from the cottage was very good. We went out and got into a hotel named “Disney Hotel “ and had our lunch with those 4 boiled eggs, rice,dal,vegetables etc. Then we came to our cottage and took rest for 1 hour. Then after taking rest we went to a big monastery which was near our hotel and went inside it. It was very beautiful and the view was also good. Then we went and saw through the glass that all the monks were praying to Lord Buddha and one monk was beating a huge drum. Then we went to one more side of the monastery and saw the different forms of Lord Buddha and the Singhasan of Lord Buddha. Then we came out of the monastery and went down the hill, came to a hotel and ordered tea. Then we waited for a few minutes. By that time my father went to the hotel and came back. Then our tea was served and we had it. Then I took photos of a gypsy van and a toy dog. Then we went to different shops for marketing and saw the different types of gift items. Then we went to a shop and ate onion pakora. Then we went to our cottage at “Yankee Resort “. And then we went out again and went to a Christmas Celebration programme. There we stood in front of a bonfire and me and my brother played a drum turn by turn. Then we heard live songs sung by some Chinese people. Then we went to a nearby restaurant and ordered our dinner, watched the programme again, went to a shop and bought Lays Maxx and saw different gift items. Then we were called for dinner so we went to the restaurant and ate our dinner. Then we went down the hill to our hotel, Yankee Resort and the name of the cottage was  “Pine Cottage “. In the cottage me and my brother kept awake while my father and mother went to sleep because we both were writing. After some time we went to sleep.Next day, early in the morning we went to the bus stand and got one bus. I and my brother were waiting with the luggage while our parents brought our breakfast from the restaurant where we had dinner last night. In the bus we ate bread omelette and cake .