Puri – April 2017 Vacation

First we started from our home and took a cab and reached the Howrah Station (New Terminal) and waited for our train named “Howrah Puri Superfast Express”. When our train came, we boarded it. But it was dark inside as the electricity did not come. After a long time when the electricity came we had our dinner. Afger sometime the train started and gradually it gathered speed and we crossed the stations such as Abada, Nalpur, and Bagnan.Then we went to sleep. Next morning we got up and crossed the stations such as Mancheswar,Bhuwaneshwar,Retang,Khurda Road,Kanas Road, Delang Sakhigopal, Janakadeipur, Malatipatpur and Puri. Then we got off the train and took an auto and reached our hotel. After checking in, we went out and had our breakfast. Then we returned to our hotel named “Hotel Pushpa “. Then we played games in the mobile phone and then went to the beach and enjoyed ourselves. After returning from the beach, we had our lunch and went to our hotel and slept. At 6:00 p.m we went for marketing and then had our dinner. At last we slept. Next day, we had our breakfast in Balananda Tirthashram and went to the beach where I swam with the waves. My father was diving in the water and we all enjoyed ourselves. Then we returned to our hotel and had our lunch. At 4:00 p.m I, my father and my brother went to the beach and found a man making models out of sand. We also helped him. Then we went for marketing and after marketing we had our dinner and slept early as the next day we had to catch a bus to Bhubaneshwar.