Kannyakumari – Spring 2016 Vacation

We boarded the train named Kannyakumari Express and crossed the stations such as Changanasseri, Tiruvalla. Then we played cards. We crossed many tunnels. This was the largest distance we covered in the trip. It took 6 hours to reach our destination. Then we went to our berths for resting. We crossed stations such as Kulitura, Nagercoil Jn, Parassalla and Kannyakumari. We went out of the station and took two autos. One went direct to the ghat while the other one went to the ghat via Hotel Sivamurugan. We reached the ghat and cut a ticket to the ferry and boarded it with life jackets. The ferry took us to the vivekananda Rock Memorial and so we saw it. After that we were seeing the waves of the Indian Ocean splashing the rocks because of the tides and then are 4:00 p.m we boarded it. It was swaying because of the waves but we reached the shore. Then we went to our hotel after having coconut water. After sometime we had Dosa and tea.Then we went for marketing. Then after returning to our hotel we saw the world T20 match between India and Australia where India bet Australia by 6 wickets. We had our dinner while watching the match and finally went to sleep after packing our bags. Next morning, we woke up and took a bus and reached Nagercoil. After that we had tea. Then my father, my uncle, my brother and me went by walkong while others went by an auto to Nagercoil Jn. Then we took a passenger train and reached the station named Nagercoil Town Jn. Then we waited for our train named Hapa Express to Trivandrum. The train arrived at 9:20 am and we boarded the train. Then we started playing cards. Our train stopped at Thiruvananthapuram Central and we took two autos and went to our hotel named Ginger Hotel. Then we went to our rooms and then we had lunch. after that we slept for a while and went to the Veli Beach by an auto. It was an awesome beach and the waves were very high. At 6:30 p.m we went out of the beach and returned to our hotel and played cards for sometime and then went to the gym. Then we had dinner. After Having dinner we went to our rooms,packed our bags and went to sleep. Next morning we woke up and drank tea. Then we took two autos and went to Trivandrum Airport. We went inside and got our boarding pass and boarded the aeroplane. Then I was listening to songs. The aeroplane took off and after 1 hour it landed at Chennai Airport. Then we slowly got out of the aeroplane. In the airport we had our lunch. Then we boarded our next aeroplane and reached the Kolkata Airport. Then we took two cabs and reached our home.