Jabalpur – May 2017 Vacation

First we started from our home and took a cab to reach the Howrah Station. After reaching the station we paid the cab driver. We waited for the train to arrive. The train arrived after sometime. The name of the train was Bombay Mail Superfast Express and the coach was of AC three tier (B3). Then we boarded the train and had our dinner. Then we went to sleep after writing for some time. Next day we woke up and refreshed ourselves. Then we had our breakfast and after that came to the window to see the stations. The train crossed Chunar, Vindhyachal, Mandah Road, Unchudie, Karchana, Allahabad Cheoki, Shankargarh, Manikpur. Then we had our lunch and played cards. Then we started to pack up because as per the expected time the train would reach Jabalpur at 6:00 p.m. Then after reaching the station, our car already booked and so we called our driver and went to our hotel named Wardhhaman. After checking in we freshed up ourselves and went downstairs to take a walk, have tea and took around to look what was around. After returning we watched some IPL highlights. Then we went out to have our dinner and returned to our hotel and went to sleep. Next day, we woke up early in the morning as we were going to Kanha National Park. So we packed our bags and went down as our car was already there. After checking out we started our journey to Kanha. There were hills, forests and the Narmada River on the way. We saw many deciduous trees with shaded leaves. Then we came to the forest barrier, took permission for crossing barrier and reached our hotel named “Resort Kanha Treasure”. After checking in we had our lunch and went to our room to rest for a while. Then at 5:30 we went to the field to sit and then played foosball, snooker and table tennis. Then we had tea and resumed our play till 8:30. After that we came to our room and watched the IPL match between KKR and MI but after sometime we went out of our campus and stood and soon we saw some spotted deer crossing the road and then came back. Then we came to know that we were in core of the jungle and that on 16th January,2016 a tiger was standing outside the main gate of our hotel. So we were all scared and went to have our dinner. After that we played carrom and then cards and finally went to sleep. Next day at 4:30am there was a wake up call for us and so we got up had tea. Then our gypsy arrived at the gate and we boarded it and it took us to the Mukki Gate Barrier. There we had to show our identity card and ticket for verification. After that we entered a gate and then entered the forest. There we saw a lot of animals like the spotted deer,wild boar,peacock, peahen, kingfisher, gaur, barasingh deer monkeys etc. but we did not see a tiger though we were trying to find if any animal was trying to give signals about the arrival of the tiger but there wasn’t any signal. After that we had breakfast in the forest at a place and again began the search of a tiger and we saw pug marks. After that we returned to our hotel and were swimming in the pool. Then we had lunch and then we went to our room to rest for a while. At 4:30 pm we went out to play games like table tennis,snooker,foosball and basketball. Then we entered our room and watched TV and after sometime watched went to sleep.Next day we woke up and checked out and then we packed our breakfast and started for Jabalpur. We crossed the same scenery. So after reaching we went out for sightseeing and saw the Barga Dam, Marble Rocks, Rani Durgavati’s Samadhi, Beraghat and a waterfall which was an awesome place and there were rocks on the river where we sat and took photos. The waterfall was formed by the Narmada River. Then we saw a dam named Sluice Canal Dam. After that we drank lassi and went to our hotel “Wardhman Hotel” and went out to have lunch at a restaurant named “Saheb’s Food Junction”  and then went to our hotel to rest. Then my parents went to shop a few things for the food in the train and then we packed our bags and had dinner. Then we watched the final IPL match between MI and RPS and then at 11:00 pm we went to the station with our car that we had booked and the told him that we would nite down his car number so that next time we come we can avail his service. His name was Deepak. Then we entered the station and we saw our train was entering platform number 1. So we were confused as the display of our train was in platform number 3. Ultimately, we saw that the train again entered platform number 3 and so we boarded in the AC three tier, coach number B3 and seat number 25,26,27,28. So after that we went to sleep. Next morning, we crossed the stations Chopan, Billi Junction, Renukut, Jharokhas. The tracks were in between the hills. So the sceneru was beautiful. Then we crossed Mahudriya, Nagaruntari, Garhwa, Garhwa Road Jn. In the mean time we played cards and the train crossed Tobra, Lagambar, Raghura, Kajri, Daltonganj, Chianki, Kechhi, Barwadih, Chipadohar, Khandih, Bendi, Latehar, Demu, Chetar, Tori Jn, Mahuamilan, Mc Cluskieganj, Khalri, Ray, Hendegir, Tosikud. After sometime we had lunch. Then we went to our berths to rest.  Then we were playing cards and then had our dinner and went to sleep. Next day, we woke up and reached the Howrah Station.So we boarded off and reached Kolkata