Mandarmani- December 2018 Vacation

First we started from our home at 9:20 am and then we crossed numerous places, covering a distance of nearly 200 km and then we finally reached our hotel “Sun n Sand Beach Resort”. Then we checked in to our room 301. On freshing up we went to have our lunch and then we went to the beach. The beach was quite close to the hotel and so we reached it quickly but the water of the sea was far away from the entrance of the beach.  But we went to the place where the limits of the waters start and we just dipped our feet, stayed for sometime and then we returned to our hotel. on returning to our hotel my father and my brother went to the play room to play chess and T.T. while I and my mother went to our room. After sometime they too returned and we watched TV. In the mean time I discovered that we had a bluetooth device in the room which we used to play songs in the entire room. We ordered some snack and tea and then after sometime we ordered dinner which was served in our room at 10:00 pm. After Having our dinner we went to sleep. Next day we woke up and then we had tea. Then all of us used the bluetooth device to listen to songs in the balcony which was quite too big. It overlooked the sea beach. Then we went for a walk to the beach and on returning to our hotel we had our breakfast and went to the beach to bathe and we collected shells and then returned to our hotel and swam for a while in the swimming pool and returned to our room. Then I and my brother went to the playroom and played T.T.  Then on returning we ordered our lunch and it was served at 2:00 pm. Then we took rest. In the evening we went for a walk in the beach and then we played in the our hotel’s park and when it was dark we returned to our room after playing T.T. and carrom. Then we were watching T.V. in the room and we ordered some snacks. Soon we ordered our dinner which was served a 10 pm and after having dinner we woke till 12 pm watching the Christmas programme and the crackers being bursted as it was the eve of Christmas. Then after the we went to sleep. Next morning we woke up and then we sat in our balcony. Soon breakfast was ordered and served so we had it and then we went to play TT. After that we watched TV for a while and then went to the beach and played there with a ball. We had already ordered our lunch before going to the beach so after coming from the beach we cleaned ourselves and went down and had our lunch.After lunch we watched T.V. for a while in the room as that day we were checking out and then by 4 pm we checked out and started for home. We crossed the same places covering a distance of about 200 km and finally reached home.

The Sunset
From left: My mother, my brother and my father.
From left: My mother, my brother and myself.

A local fisherman’s boat.