Kalimpong – Winter 2015 Vacation

We boarded the bus after setting the luggage.Then the bus started passing different sceneries. We read all the milestones to read the kilometre distance to various places. When we entered Kalimpong as it was our next destination. We were again overjoyed to find Don Bosco School, Kalimpong. At that time I took photos. Then at last week reached Kalimpong bus stop and we took a cab and went to Delo. There me and my brother did horse riding. Then we went to do other things. After we finished we took our cab and went to “Morgan House” and we went to our cottage. Then we had our lunch and went to “Diw Chowk “ which was an army campus. There we went to “Gumpha” where a monastery was situated. We ascended the steps into the monastery and went rotated some lucky cylinders. When we reached the top of the monastery, the soldiers told that if we would have come at 7:00 a.m we would have been able to see the Kanchenjunga. After knowing this week decided to visit again. Then we began to descend the steps. When we went down the hill we saw an army stadium and their playground, school, tennis and basketball courts and volleyball court and also an Army Hospital. We saw their car garage and their symbol which is a lion. Then we saw their General’s House. Then we went to the taxi stand inside the Army campus. We took a share taxi and went to the market near the bus stop. Then we bought many things. Then we returned to our hotel and ordered our dinner,then we watched “Chennai Express” and “3 idiots”. Then we had our dinner and went to sleep. Next day it was  “Christmas”,25th December. In the morning we wished each other “Merry Christmas “. Then we packed our bags. We went to the Army Golf course and saw a man playing Golf. We took photos and came back to our hotel, “Morgan House ” and roamed about it. Then we checked out and my father went to call a taxi from the Army Campus. We got up the taxi which my father had hired. Then we went to the bus stop and boarded the bus after setting our luggage. The bus started and it went down the hill. We passed River Teesta for a long time. Then we finally reached Siliguri. There we took an auto and reached NJP and ate our lunch in a restaurant . Then me, my brother and my father went to take photos of a model of a train engine in front of the station. Then we three returned to a restaurant named “Kerala Restaurant and Hotel “ . In saw three white horses near the restaurant. Then we ordered our dinner which we would have in the train. Then we went to the station and heard the announcement that our train named Uttarbanga Express was running in right time. After that we boarded the escalator and went to the overbridge, then we suddenly heard that our train was running late by 15 minutes. The train arrived 15 minutes after the scheduled time. We boarded the train in coach no. S4. The train started after  15 minutes. The train stopped in stations such as Nijbari and Alubari Road. Me and my brother also played tongue twister. We tried to look outside the window to look at the different stations that the train passed but we couldn’t. Then the train stopped at Kishanganj which was in Bihar. Then we crossed one bridge and ate toffees. Then the train stopped at Dalkhola. We sat down quietly and the train moved. The train crossed two bridges. Since we got two lowers, we decided who will sleep in the lower one as choice was for only one lower because one of the parents will sleep in the beside one .Then we had our dinner and went to sleep as per our decision. Next morning we reached Sealdah. And that’s the end of our journey.