Bangalore – Spring 2016 Vacation

First we took two cabs and went to the airport. While entering the airport we were checked by our ID cards and then we wereallowed to enter. We went in for security checking and received our boarding pass. Meanwhile, we had checked in our luggage. Then I took photos of the departing aeroplanes. Then I took photos of the aeroplanes that were arriving. We also had sandwich and coffee. When our Aeroplane’s arrival was announced we walked towards gate number 18. Then we went inside the aeroplane and it took of at 3:00 p.m. And then we sat for two and a half hours and at 5:00 p.m it landed at great speed at Bangalore airport. When the aeroplane halted we got off the aeroplane with the help of the aero bridge facility. Then we went to the conveyor belt number 5 and collected our luggage. Then we took two airport cabs and went to our hotel named Signature Inn . On the way we saw a rock mountain, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetorium, active race course, Bangalore Palace etc. Then we went through Cottonpet Street which is in Bangalore’s main city. After reaching the hotel, we went to our rooms numbers 401 and 405. Then we sat together in room number 401 and I availed the hotel’s free WiFi but it got disconnected due to its poor connection. then we were chatting and we ordered tea and we had it. Then I played games in my Tablet and then we switched on the T.V. but it was of no use as every channel was coming in Telugu language as we could not understand the language. Then I started writing until dinner. Our dinner was ordered and we took rice, roti, egg curry and dal. Then we asked the waiter whether it was possible for them to serve our breakfast by 7:00 a.m. because at 7:30 a.m. we had a train as we were going to Mysore. So the told thet they would confirm us a little later. So we chatted for a while. We waited for their confirmation but they never came, so we thought of an alternative. After that we went to sleep. Next day, we woke up early and packed our bags. Then we drank tea and then we checked out the room 401. Then some of us went to the railway station to purchase a ticket on a passenger train. then the remaining group went to the railway station after checking out completely and also took the breakfast. Then we waited in the station for the display of our train and so we asked the policeman about the platform where our train usually comes. He answered that it is usually in the platform number 8 or 9 and so we went through the escalator and stood in the over bridge between platform number 8 and 9. After some time it was announced that our train Golgumbaz Express was coming in platform number 9. So we descended the stairs.