Mysore – Spring 2016 Vacation

When the train halted we went to our coach S6. Then we sat and had our breakfast. Then I started writing. We Crossed stations such as Nayanda Halli, Jhanabharati, Kengeri, Hejjala, Bidadi, Ramanagaran and Channapatna. we saw manyb forests of coconut trees and a rocky mountain. We crossed more stations such as Settihalli,       Nidaghatta-H, Maddur, Hanakere, Mandya, Byadarahalli, Pandavapura, Shriranganapattana, Naganhalli and Mysuru. after reaching Mysore Jn station we took two autos and reached our hotel named “Shastri Paradise”. On the way we saw Mysore Museum and a medical college. In the we got two rooms that is 306 and 313. we kept our luggage and went to bathe one by one. Then we had our lunch, we had dal, rioce, curd,finger chips and a curry. Then we went for sightseeing. We saw St. Philomena’s Church and went inside and saw how a church looks like. Then we went to Gumbaz where we saw the burial of Tipu Sultan and his family members, Dariya Daulath meaning “Wealth of Sea” where we saw the summer palace and there we also saw Tipu Sultan’s attire, weapons and some British Medals. Then we saw a fort which was Tipu Sultan’s Death Place known a “MAharaja’s Main Palace, Rangantha Swamy Temple where we saw a statue of Narayana which is 1500 years old. Then we saw Krishnaraja Sagar Dam (KRS) and then we also saw the Brindavan Gardens. There we saw different types of fountains. We also saw the fountain for which it is famous for thet is the Dancing Fountain. After that we went to our hotel by the car and ordered our dinner. After eating we saw the match between India and Bangladesh. where India bet Bangladesh by one run. We were overjoyed and went to our rooms. In our room I started writing and then went to sleep. Next day, all of us went to room number 306. and chatted. then we had tea. then after some time we ordered our breakfast. Meanwhile we packed our bags and went to eat our breakfast. Then we saw Chamundi hills, Chamunda Mata, Statue of Mahishasura, Big Bull (Nandi) which is considered as a god. There were snakes but no one killed them. Then we saw the Mysore View Point, Mysore Palace where we saw wrestling courtyard,Golden Howdah, Intricate woodwork, Krishnaraja’s different age pics, the private darbar, photo of his wife, the queen’s children, photo of the royal family, Ivory showpiece, silvered dressing table, the public darbar, the royal emblem and the silver door. then we saw the sand museum. Then we went to a restaurant and had food, then we paid our driver and went to the station. Our train was already in platform number 5. We boarded the train and had cold drinks.