Kottayam – Spring 2016 Vacation

We crossed stations such as Nayannna Halli,Shriranganapattana, Pandavapura, Byadarahalli, Mandya, Hanakere, Maddur, Nidaghatta-H, Lettihalli,Channapatnana, Ramanagaran, Bidadi, Hejjala, Kengeri, Jhanabharati, Nayanda Halli, Bangaluru, Maleshwaram, Yashwanthpuram. Then we came out of the train and went to platform number 4 to board the Garibrath Express train. So we boarded the train and my father and my uncle went to buy our dinner. When they came we ate our dinner and went to sleep after adjusting the seats with the passengers. Next morning , we got up and saw where the train had reached. We noticed that it had already reached the Kerala state and it was found that the train was late by 30 minutes. We crossed the station such as Irinjakalada, Chadakulli, Iddapalli, Karukutti, Aluva, Ernaculam Town, Tripunittura, Mulanturutti, Kanjramittan and Kottayam. After getting down the train we took two autos and went to our jetty meaning houseboat and so we boarded it. The boat started and was moving through the backwaters and were in the middle of it. I and my brother drove it for sometime and then the boat stopped for lunch break. So we had our lunch. Then it again started and was moving through the Alleppey Town. Then the boat was stationed at one place. It was evening by then. So we got out of the boat and took the fresh air.and saw the sunset. Then we came inside the boat and I drew a scenery of the background. Then we played cards until dinner. After dinner we went to sleep. Next morning, we woke up and ate our breakfast. Then our boat started and I drove it again and it reached the shore. We were ready to board off and and as soon as the boat stopped we boarded off. Then we took two autos and went to a hotel named “Backwater Retreat” and checked in our rooms. After watching T.V. we played cards and had lunch. After that we played cards and again and slept for a while. Then we were chatting. After sometime I, my father, my mother and my uncle went for shopping and bought gift items. We also saw a Jesuit Saint. Then we returned to our hotel and played cards again and had our dinner. Then we went to sleep. Next day at 5:10 a.m we went to the railway station to catch our train that is Kannyakumari Express. At 6:30 a.m our train arrived.We boarded it.

My brother driving the houseboat
Me driving the houseboat